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Who is Troygold?
What do we offer?
What does it mean to ‘Live Free. Live in Gold’?


What is a Troygold account?
What are the account features?
How do I sign up for a Troygold account?
What are the identity verification requirements to open an account?
Are there any fees related to a Troygold account?
What is the GOLD vault (wallet)?
What is the Credit Wallet?
Is use of the Troygold platform restricted to specific countries?
How do I close my Troygold account?


What is the Gold Wallet?
How is it possible for me to Buy/Sell any currency amount worth of gold in the Gold Wallet?
What proof do I have that I own the amount of gold indicated in my Gold Wallet?


What is the Credit Facility?
What is the cost of the credit facility?
How do I withdraw funds from my Credit Facility?
How long does it take to withdraw funds from my Credit Facility?
Are there costs associated with withdrawing funds from my Credit Facility?


What is a Troygold gold-backed Mastercard?
Who is Access Bank?
How do I order my Troygold Mastercard?
How do I activate my Troygold Mastercard?
What are the fees associated with a Troygold Mastercard?


What type of physical gold does Troygold deal in?
What is a 1oz Krugerrand?
What do I own when I save in gold using the Troygold app?
How do I buy and sell gold with my Troygold account?
Is there a maximum or minimum quantity of gold I can buy/sell per transaction?
What times can I buy or sell gold?
At what price do I buy and sell gold?
How often does the buy/sell price change?
What is the gold spot price?
What are my transaction fees when buying/selling gold?


Where is my gold stored?
How do I know my gold is safe?
What happens to my holdings if Troygold is liquidated?
What is the cost of storing my gold with Troygold?


Can I physically get my gold holdings?
Is there a minimum amount I have to own in order to withdraw?
How do I withdraw/redeem my gold?
How long does it take me to get my gold when I redeem?
How much does it cost me to withdraw my gold holdings?


How do I withdraw funds from my Troygold account?
What is the cost of withdrawing funds from my Troygold Account?
Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?


How do I access the Troygold app?
Are there any operating system requirements to download the Troygold mobile app?
Are there any secure storage requirements for your phone, in order to use the Troygold app?
What happens if I experience technical difficulties with the Troygold mobile app?
What do I do if my mobile phone has been lost/stolen, or my number has changed?