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Invest directly in physical investment grade gold – instantly, securely and conveniently from the palm of your hand.

No investment minimums – a South African first.

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Secure & Trusted

Your financial security is our top priority.

We use bank level encryption technology and high security vaults to ensure your personal information remains private and your gold holdings remains yours.

Your gold, which is fully insured and securely stored in Knox Vaults, is specifically allocated to you in our transparent asset register and redeemable on your demand.

Troy and your gold holdings are audited quarterly by Mazars, a leading global auditing firm.

Why Krugerrands?

Gold purchased from Troy Gold is the Krugerrand – the world’s most widely held and traded gold bullion coin. New Krugerrands are transferred from the Rand Refinery into the vault’s safe custody. The Krugerrand is money – with legal tender and zero-VAT status in South Africa – it was developed to enable any South African to be able to easily own a piece of our country’s largest resource, gold.
Krugerrand Box and Coin
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Instantly buy & save in physical gold – no investment minimums & ultra low premiums.



Sell your gold anytime - Troy offers 24/7 liquidity as the guaranteed buyer of your gold.



We’re breaking down barriers to wealth transfer. Freely and instantly send gold to any Troy user.



Your gold is yours! Redeem your gold at any time, and we will deliver your Krugerrands straight to your door.

We’re on a mission to democratize gold. Watch.