We’re on a mission to democratise gold

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Our Story

Troy Gold’s story begins with two brothers from Pretoria, who got the chance to study finance in the Big Apple.

Around the time of the Great Financial Crisis, they find themselves seeing first hand the riots, protests and news headlines on Wall Street’s bank bailouts, government stimulus packages and paper currency debates.

Growing up, they were instilled with the virtues of free-market economics and read the likes of Mises, Hayek and Rothbard. This, combined with seeing both the wealth erosion and societal ills that money printing brought to their surroundings, set them on a mission to change it.

After brief stints in investment banking, packed their bags and embarked on a journey into gold.

After successfully creating a gold mining business in the goldfields of South Africa, and learning about the metal from rockface to market, they launched Troy Gold, to bring back the power of gold for all.

Our Team

Dane Viljoen


Bastiat Viljoen


Abraham van Wyk


Le Roux van Wyk


Kyle Tee


Heinrich Teitge


Our Beliefs

  • Liberty

    We believe in the freedom of the individual and the protection of the individual’s life, liberty & property – foundational to a prosperous and free society.

  • Sound Money

    Money functions as a store of value of the individual’s labour. Money that maintains its value is cornerstone to protecting individual liberty.

  • Justice

    Governments enjoy monopoly over money printing – exploitation leads to currency debasement; an expropriation & perversion of individual property.

  • Fair Competition

    We believe that everyone should have the right to protect their wealth & choose which money they prefer to use – the market mechanism of fair competition.

  • Technology

    We combine cutting-edge computer technology, a catalyst to economic growth, with gold, the time-tested savings technology.

  • Accessibility

    Coerced discrimination & special privileges erodes economic growth. We break down these barriers of exclusion & make the power of gold accessible to all!

Our Vision & Values

Gold is money. It has been for thousands of years.

Gold is real wealth. Currently reserved for the financial elite.

It is our aim to bring back the power of gold, and make that power accessible to everyone.

We’re bringing back gold and we’re making it simple.

Welcome to TROY – your private gold standard.

Think Different

We celebrate ideas, regardless of rank or position.


We aspire to push boundaries and move society forward.

Move Fast

We aim to inspire with quality and speed of decision making.

Be Reliable

We know that trust forms the basis of all successful relationships.

Deliver Value

We wish to serve our clients with the best in customer service.